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The Flight

The flight has a main influence on the flight characteristics of a dart. Flights are made of different materials such as Polyester, Parachute (Textile), Hardmetronic, Foil (Aerotex, 2/3-D) and lots of more. The following shapes are available: Standard, Slim, Pear, Kite, Mini, Lantern and a couple of more.

The Shaft

The shaft - connecting piece between the barrel and the flight is made of hard nylon, steel or aluminium and offered in different lengths such as long, short (also called medium) and mini (also called extra-short). To fix a metal shaft on a barrel use rubber rings. To fix the flight on nylon shafts use crowns or rings.


The Barrel

The barrel, also called body of the dart, is fashioned in various designs: diamontcut, with rings, blanc or colored, coated or chrome plated ... It is made of Brass, Combination of Brass & Chrome, Nickel / Silver or Nickel / Tungsten. Professionals appriciate very slim barrels with many cuts for a very good grip.

The Tip

The tip is either made of steel for steeldarts or made of plastic for the softdarts, which was especially developed for electronic dart machines. Softtips are available in various shapes (Keypoint, Cone, Short, Power), in many different colors and in two different sizes: in 8 mm (1/4 BSF) and in 6 mm (2 BA).

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